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NEW: Webhosting Platform

Thursday 11th January, 2018 | Company

Over the past year, we here at 21st Webb have been working tirelessly in the background to refurbish the services we have to offer.

Since 21st Webb was first launched, we have been able to offer a range of webdesign packages to our clients at competitive prices with thanks to outsourcing our designer-platform to the US. Over the past year we have been working on setting up a completely different platform over here in the UK; which, aside from bringing our clients data back to the the UK / EU, will also allow us to offer a whole new range of services. The move to our own UK-based platform allows for the prices of our packages to remain at their current, competitively low rate.

Our new platform provides our clients with access to their own webserver share, with cPanel access for extensive controls and configuration possibilities. The platform also allows new and existing clients to register new domains directly with us, or transfer their current domains across to us at competitive registration / renewal prices. What’s more, the new platform can provide our clients with their own mailsever, using their own domain; a service we have previously had to outsource. Thanks to cPanel, our clients are able to do much more than host a website and emails – on their webserver share, through cPanels built-in installer suite comes hundreds of different applications available for install; meaning our clients can now host forums, CRM’s, messaging platforms, file-sharing platforms and much more.

Although we started out as a webdesign company; we have decided with the move of our services over to the new UK-based platform – we will primarily be providing webhosting services as of 2018. The new platform allows for automated management of new and existing clients, automatically allocating and maintaining their individual webserver shares, cPanel accounts and domains. Therefore we can now provide webhosting services directly from our website, at any time and location. Each clients cPanel account allows for individuals to setup and maintain their own web-based services themselves through the easy-to-use setup wizards built into cPanel. We will always continue to provide support to all clients however, and are developing an in-house Knowledge Base exclusively for 21st Webb clients and services.

Over the next 6 months we will be providing all existing clients the opportunity to migrate their existing websites across onto the new platform. Support for all designer-platform clients will continue as normal, on either platform.