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Partnership with Synology

Monday 06th July, 2020 | Company

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Synology earlier this year.

Whilst our primary focus has always been providing affordable, secure cloud based hosting and web-based solutions; the ever growing needs of SME’s has bought about a need for certain in-house applications. Synology has always been our recommended hardware vendor, for affordable and scalable hardware solutions with tonnes of applications; great for both personal use and business use.

Our advice to clients is backed up by recommendation from Synology themselves; meaning we can provide exactly the right hardware for any hybrid applications. That’s why you can now find us on the ‘Where to buy‘ section of Synology’s website.

So if you are interested in hosting services in-house, without all the complication and extra expense – contact us to find out what we could offer you with Synology products.