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NEW Session Booker 2.0

Monday 05th October, 2020 | Company

We are delighted to introduce Session Booker – the latest addition to our range of bespoke web applications.

Session Booker is designed to make arranging sessions managing, bookings and accepting payments easy, gathering contact details for attendees, obtaining consent for T&C’s / policies, sending confirmations and managing cancellations; all in one easy to use, online application.

Session Booker takes the leg work out of arranging session times for multiple clients, giving them the power to choose and pay for their desired sessions, receive email confirmations and view all bookings in individual personal booking calendars; via end user accounts.

Session Booker uses the Stripe online card payment engine to accept and manage payments. You can offer your clients the ability to deposit credit onto their Session Booker account, paying for credit of all major Debit and Credit cards. When your clients come to book, the cost of the session is automatically deducted from their credit, saving you the hassle of monitoring payments.

Session Booker also manages attendance limits beautifully, allowing you to set an optional attendance limit for any session, automatically closing the bookings for any session when the attendance limit has been reached. Session Booker also has the option to accept reserve bookings for any given session too – end users can easily cancel their booking online, or via the email link, and their place is then allocated to the first person in the reserve list for that session, with an automated email sent confirming the place allocation.

There are no limits to the use of this application, allowing an unlimited number of sessions to be arranged, and an unlimited number of bookings to be processed and stored*. What’s more, sessions can be groups into an unlimited number of custom defined categories, meaning this application can easily accommodate multiple areas of business that require bookings, whilst maintaining an organised and user friendly interface.

The application is also highly customizable, allowing custom branding and messages / text to be applied to the homepage and within the application itself. All email templates used by the system are also fully customizable, allowing any subject and message to be defined in HTML format.

With Session Booker already in use within a number of different industries, ranging from tuition, fitness groups / gyms and events companies – contact us today to find out how Session Booker can benefit your business.