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NEW Application Manager 2.0

Monday 07th December, 2020 | Company

Wonder how we pull up live statistics throughout our site? Let us introduce to you, Application Manager!

Application Manager was originally designed as an in-house tool for centralising the management and oversight of all web applications we produce in-house.

Application Manager collates usage statistics from all running copies of our web applications, hosted anywhere across the internet. What’s more, these statistics can then be pulled out of the system and displayed on any authenticated WordPress site, using our bespoke WordPress theme.

The main purpose of Application Manager was initially to collect statistics on each instance of our web applications, allowing us to view 2 types of statistics:

  • Individual Application Statistics: the usage statistics for a particular instance of a web application.
  • or Overall Application Statistics: the total usage statistics for all instances of any given type of web application.

The latest version of Application Manager does more than just collate statistics; with new functions such as license key monitoring, application version checking, application development & documentation discovery, and much more.

Application Manager 2.0 also comes with a new feature, allowing owners of different app instances to access and view their own statistics, with Application Managers automated client discovery and account creation / attribution.

Whilst Application Manager currently remains an in-house tool, please feel free to read more on this web application and it’s features, on the Application Manager page.