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NEW Rapid Test Log 3.0

Monday 03rd May, 2021 | Company

Introducing Rapid Test Log system, the latest addition to our range of bespoke web applications.

Rapid Test Log system, or RTL for short is the latest in our line of web applications, developed in-house. This application is designed around the distribution and administration of the NHS’ Lateral Flow Tests. This system is designed to aid organisations who distribute and monitor these and similar types of tests amongst their workforce, such as those in Education, Healthcare and other both public and private sector organisations.

Rapid Test Log combines 2 major tasks in this scenario – monitoring stock levels of kits and receiving test results.

Rapid Test Log provides a straightforward, yet detailed log of all test kits. RTL keeps tabs on how many test kits you have in stock, as well as keeping an accurate record of how many kits have been added to your stock overtime, detailing the time and date new supplies were received, and giving you the ability to attribute that stock to a particular organisation (this can be particularly useful when managing kits for multiple teams, sites or companies).

Not only does Rapid Test Log monitor the kits you have left, but it will also monitor the number of tests your team have in the kits already distributed. With the ability to define various types of test kits, with their various configurations, RTL knows how many tests are in each kit, and monitors how many tests your personnel have taken with the kits supplied. What about when your team are running low? No problem, RTL sorts that for you to, automatically notifying any of your personnel when they reach a specified number of tests in their supply of kits, sending them a fully customisable e-mail notification with whatever instructions they need.

The ability to monitor stock is one of this applications core features, with the other being the ability to receive and store test submissions in a robust and auditable form. Rapid Test Log is more than just an online form, with configurable result options, instructions, wording based on results, and fully customisable terms and conditions users must agree to before submitting, Rapid Test Log allows you to handle different types of tests at the same time, using the one system. The form is simple for your personnel to use, only requiring them to enter an e-mail address matching their record on the system (i.e. a corporate address), RTL then populates the various options to chose from, limiting user input to a minimum. On top of this, RTL collects photographic evidence of all test results, ensuring results submitted by your team are as precise as possible.

The premise of this application was simple at first, however it gave us opportunity to work on some new, more experimental features for us, that improve the quality of the application developed. The first of which is the user-records auto-association feature. To put it simply, RTL requires no user accounts for your personnel, meaning they can submit results as quickly and easily as possible, without having to sign into an account. However, should they wish to see all previous results, you can grant your personnel the ability to create an account, verify it using their contact details on the system (i.e. corporate e-mail address), and then once confirmed, have all records they have ever submitted, along with all e-mail notification logs, all associated to their new account.

The following 2 of our experimental features revolve around the photographic evidence collection. One of which involves optional image compression, reducing the file-size of evidence collected, by converting images into the latest .webp file format, reducing the file size by up to 90% in some cases, whilst retaining image quality. The other experimental feature involves EXIF data extraction from the image file itself. Using this function, Rapid Test Log extracts the true date and time the image was taken by the user’s camera, and stores that in the test submission record, along with the date and time the user submitted the test result. This is anticipated to reduce the possibility of users re-using one photo as evidence for multiple test submissions.

Now whilst this all sounds like a lot of functionality for one application, Rapid Test Log once again takes on most of the work. The final key feature of this application is the fully configurable e-mail notifications, and delivery criteria. When managing the distribution and administration of testing amongst a large workforce, you may need to divide that work force into smaller groups, notifying managers of their personnel’s results – this is possible, with RTL allowing the specification of multiple organisation units, each with their own management contact e-mail address. What’s more, you can specify what notifications are sent, allowing you to focus on only void or positive results for instance.

Rapid Test Log system is already at version 3.0, and is aiding the distribution and administration of Lateral Flow Tests amongst education providers, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you think you or your organisation could benefit from this system, please get in touch today.