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Bringing our Knowledgebase to YouTube

Monday 04th April, 2022 | Company

We’ve been working hard, improving existing services and developing our extensive range of support available to new and existing customers.

We have overhauled our Knowledgebase, introduced the latest topics and updated existing articles following vendor updates. What’s more, we’ve brought the insight and expertise of our Knowledgebase to YouTube!

We have put together over 200 help videos, covering a wide range of topics from cPanel to WordPress, Microsoft Outlook to Direct Admin, and so much more. Our help videos provide a short and clear explanation around various tasks amongst our most common platforms.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and help our customers. These series of short, how-to videos provide a new means for troubleshooting issues, and viewing the steps taken in real-time.

Be sure to check out our different series of help videos, on our Knowledgebase, and on our YouTube channel.