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Web Hosting: our flagship service since day 1

Monday 01st August, 2022 | Company

What’s so good about our Web Hosting service you may ask? Before starting 21st Webb, part of our freelance web design work would often involve finding hosting suitable to the client. Whilst back then there weren’t as many well known providers in the Web Hosting space, what quickly became apparent was the inconsistency of offerings across the different providers. When 21st Webb first started, one of the core services we wanted to get right was the Web Hosting; because what good is a well-designed website if the servers hosting it aren’t up to scratch!

We are constantly looking for the best service providers to offer to our clients, including watching the trends across the Web Hosting space. And while we use a multitude of providers, we are able to offer a consistent range of packages and features, regardless of the underlying supplier.

Some of the best features our web hosting packages have to offer include:

  • Super Fast: Our webhosting packages are all on super fast, non-overloaded web servers, boasting 100% enterprise-grade SSD disks, LiteSpeed caching for optimised speed and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Super Reliable: All of our web servers feature 99.9% network uptime guarantee, and CloudLinux with cPanel for added security. What’s more, we’ve included lots of extra security features as standard for your peace of mind, including DDoS Protection, free 256 bit SSL Certificates and off-site backups* as standard with all our web hosting packages.
  • Unrestricted cPanel Accounts: All of our hosting packages come with your own cPanel account, with hundreds of apps ready to install. What’s more, you can host your own MySQL databases, Git Repositories, Python and Ruby applications – having your own cPanel account gives you tonnes of functionality all in one easy-to-use dashboard. On our Business hosting package, you can host as many e-mail accounts as you want on your own private mail server, built into your cPanel dashboard and using your own domains.
  • Green & Proud, here in the UK: Our servers are hosted at 100% renewable energy data centres, here in the UK. That’s right, no vague carbon offsets, just a direct relationship between the datacentre and Ecotricity to power the facility with energy generated by 100% renewable sources.
Find out more here: https://21stwebb.co.uk/project/web-hosting/

Surely there’s cheaper offerings out there?

Of course! As with most things, it’s always possible to find cheaper offerings out there. Whilst we want to offer the best price possible, we also want to offer the best service possible whilst remaining competitive with similar offerings from the big players.

A question we get asked from time-to-time is why we don’t offer unlimited web hosting packages like some of the other providers out there, surely that would work out cheaper for clients? Well yes and no. Whilst we have looked into taking on additional suppliers and offering unlimited web hosting packages, they aren’t always as good as they seem. A caveat of unlimited web hosting packages is that they are often over-sold to remain financially viable; and one thing you don’t want for your web hosting server is for it to be over sold and therefore oversubscribed. What’s more, unlimited web hosting packages will always have a technical limit, something which is easier for the server to reach when it’s running hundreds more websites and applications that you might see on a more exclusive server.

Finally, one of the key factors for many of our clients who opted to move away from unlimited web hosting providers to ourselves is down to performance. All web hosting providers will claim to be super fast and super reliable, but a key factor in ensuring this is limiting the resources allocated to everyone using the service. With our web hosting packages, we only limit our clients by disk allocation, providing more than ample disk space for a website or web application, with enough room for e-mail hosting alongside. Thanks to this, we know our web servers will have more than enough resources to cope with high demand for numerous clients, as it’s fully accounted for all the services it’s running. Moreover, the exclusivity of our web servers allow us to monitor what they’re hosting more closely than other providers may be able to – this helps us ensure that our servers are hosting legitimate content, not being used for malicious services, and avoid the address of our servers being blacklisted; ensuring all clients on our web hosting packages are able to access their website 24/7.

What do you offer instead of unlimited disk space?

We’ve given you the rationale behind steering away from the unlimited web hosting options, but we are always looking for ways to make our services better value for money. Some of the extras we provide all our clients with add that extra value on top of our web hosting packages:

  • Enhanced WordPress Experience: We recognise that WordPress is often the CMS of choice when it comes to website building. All of our packages have access to a range of application installers, which can install hundreds of different web applications for free. What’s more, we have a range of plugins for optimising both WordPress management, and speed (including the premium LiteSpeed plugin) for free.
  • Premium WordPress Theme: Providing even more value for our WordPress users, we have thrown in access to one of the industry leading themes, at no extra cost for any clients who have a website designed by us, hosted by us. That’s a massive saving of around £75 per year for each of our clients, should they purchase the same themes themselves today.
  • 24/7 access to guidance: Whilst a knowledgebase isn’t a new concept, where we stand out from the other smaller providers is the scope and detail of our knowledgebase. Over the years we have gathered a lot of insight into all things web design and hosting, and have written a range of help articles, sharing that knowledge and expertise with our clients 24/7.
  • A personalised service: Probably the thing we are most proud of is the personal service we offer to each of our clients. What helps us stand out from the crowd is that we are not just another faceless multinational provider, offering personalised offerings and support to all customers, whether that be face-to-face, over the phone or on a video call. We are here to work with you.

Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it. There’s a lot of debate for and against the recent trend in Unlimited Web Hosting offerings, here’s just some of the discussions that can be found online:

  1. www.techradar.com
  2. www.hostingspy.co.uk
  3. www.hongkiat.com
  4. www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net

* Each web hosting package comes with regular off-site backups. Size of backups are excluded from your disk quota allowing for regular backups without compromise.