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Helping you keep costs down

Monday 03rd October, 2022 | Company

Here at 21st Webb, we are no stranger to the rising costs during the latest climb in inflation. Given the direction of our business, expanding our offering to meet the needs of our individual clients, start-ups and SME’s, our range of suppliers has grown significantly since we started back in 2015. Across the board our suppliers have done their best to keep costs as stable as possible, but we understand that there are many external factors, such as the soaring energy prices that make this virtually impossible.

Fear not! We have been working closely with suppliers to lock in the best price going forward for a minimum of the next 12 months for some services. You may have already seen that we were actually able to bring the cost of our VoIP packages down slightly earlier this year. What’s more, we have managed to lock in the cost of our flagship services for the foreseeable. Whilst we know it’s difficult to forecast your overheads during these challenging times, one thing you can count on is that our Web Hosting service will not be going up in price for at least the next 12 months. For many of our clients who opt to pay annually, we trust this will be a great reassurance.

Keep watching this space for updates on the rest of our product range. And rest assured, we will keep working with our suppliers to maintain the our prices where possible, and provide a competitive offering with a personal service which stands-out from the major, self-service providers.