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New Website for Victoria Northbrooke

Monday 07th November, 2022 | Clients, Portfolio

This summer we were thrilled to launch a brand-new e-commerce and e-learning website for Victoria Northbrooke.

This project is not just another WordPress-based site however, with a large volume of digital products, online courses, mail flow integrations, and even a free onboarding quiz; the size of this project quickly grew and presented a few key challenges.

The integration of an e-commerce platform is not a new one but tying that into authentication for the self-hosted e-learning platform is where a new challenge arose. After trialling several different e-learning platform options, Thrive Architect became the platform of choice.

With the e-commerce and e-learning platforms integrated, the final biggest challenge experienced here is the capture of users at all points throughout each of the integrated platforms, populating the relevant mailing lists, for targeted product delivery. Introducing FloDesk into the mix! Whilst this platform offers nice minimalistic e-mail templates, the integrations it offered were minimal; further adding to the complexity of this part of the project.

Along comes Zapier! With this online subscription being on our radar for several years, we have always strived to produce our own webhooks in-house or would opt for Microsoft Power Automate where possible. However, this was the only option for integration with FloDesk, as that was one of the few mailing list platforms, we’ve experienced to not offer an API. Even with Zapier it wasn’t easy, as we had to combine user interaction within WooCommerce, Thrive Architect, the onboarding quiz, and the rest of the website. Fortunately Zapier does offer the option to integrate custom code, which proved to be the most efficient option for tying all these interfaces together into a small set of condensed mailing lists.

Finally, this project is another one we have enjoyed collaborating on with Richard from Lovely Stuff Studio. Richard is the artist behind the branding and styling of many of the pages on the site, as well as the logo and social media banners used by the site. If you’re a fan of the graphics design demonstrated on this site, be sure to check out some of his other works.

As always, we enjoy any new challenges presented by our projects as any new challenge is an opportunity to learn something new! If you’re looking for a new website built, or maybe have one in need of an overhaul – be sure to get in touch.