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New Website for Makeup Manifesto

Monday 03rd April, 2023 | Clients, Portfolio

You may recall our work on a new website for Makeup Artist Victoria Northbrooke. Following the success of their magazine launch, we have been delighted to work on a whole new website solely for the Makeup Manifesto magazine.

This website has been built upon a lot of lessons learnt during the evolution of the original Victoria Northbrooke website, and provides a clean consistent platform for the magazine to be sold, alongside related courses and other digital products.

Whilst integration of an e-commerce platform, Zapier and FloDesk are not new concepts for this site, the greatest challenge we are building around is scale. The popularity of this content required a platform which could deliver to an ever-growing user base, whilst maintaining overall performance of the website.

Here comes the challenge of integrating a media rich hosting service with WooCommerce. Despite initial concerns about incompatibility between the various platforms in use, rethinking of the checkout experience is what allowed the multiple elements of this site to come together; so guess you could say this wasn’t as much of a challenge as first thought.

Not every project we take on has to be a technical feat, but what we always challenge ourselves to do is build a site that meets every requirement. If you’re looking for a new website built, or maybe have one in need of an overhaul – be sure to get in touch.