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Discover the Perfect Sim-Only Plans for Your Needs

Monday 01st July, 2024 | Company

Are you looking for flexible and affordable mobile plans? Look no further! Our Sim-Only packages, featuring data plans from O2 and Vodafone, offer you the best deals on the market. Whether you need a simple data plan or unlimited data, we’ve got you covered.

O2 Sim-Only Packages

Our O2 sims are perfect for those planning a summer getaway, as they still include European roaming. Enjoy seamless connectivity without worrying about extra charges while you explore new destinations. Here are our top O2 plans:

  • 20GB Data Sim: For just £24.30 per month, get unlimited minutes, texts, and 20GB of data.
  • Unlimited Data Sim: At £32.38 per month, enjoy unlimited data, making it the most popular choice for heavy data users.

Vodafone Sim-Only Packages

Vodafone offers a range of data plans to suit your needs, all on 30-day rolling contracts, giving you the flexibility to change your plan as needed. Here are some of our top Vodafone plans:

  • 5GB Data Sim: At £17.98 per month, perfect for light data users.
  • 10GB Data Sim: For £22.50 per month, a balanced option for moderate data usage.
  • 20GB Data Sim: At £31.05 per month, ideal for those who need more data.
  • Unlimited Data Sim: For £46.80 per month, the best choice for users who require unlimited data.
  • Unlimited Data Sim with Static IP: At £151.65 per month, designed for professionals needing a static IP.

Why Choose Our Sim-Only Plans?

  • No Long-Term Commitment: All plans are on 30-day rolling contracts, offering you the flexibility to change or cancel anytime.
  • Unlimited Minutes and Texts: Stay connected with unlimited calls and texts.
  • Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing to suit all budgets.

Make the smart choice this summer and switch to our Sim-Only packages from O2 and Vodafone. Enjoy the freedom of no contracts and the convenience of European roaming with O2 sims.

Get connected today and make the most of your mobile experience!