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NEW VPN Package

NEW VPN Package

Here at 21st Webb we believe in the importance of cybersecurity. That’s why we have been working on the security of our existing packages and platforms, as well as developing a new range of packages with enhanced security to be released later this year.

We are thrilled to announce today the launch of our new VPN Package – a military grade VPN service that boasts unlimited downloads on 1 Gbps port servers in 27 locations around the globe. What’s more, this service comes with it’s own Android Application, Windows and Mac OS client; taking the hassle out of using a VPN.

Worried about With our VPN service, you have a choice of Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP protocols, and can connect up to 5 devices at any one time*; helping protect the data travelling to and from your devices with cutting-edge security technologies.

Worried about your activity being sold to third parties? We have a no logs policy with out VPN provider, ensuring that none of your data, online activity or browsing history is monitored, gathered or exposed.

So for as little as £5.00 per month**, you can enjoy secure streaming, gaming, torrent downloading and day-to-day browsing with no compromise on internet privacy and security.

*Maximum of 5 concurrent VPN connections per user account at any one time.

**Cost of £5.00 per user per month when taken out on an annul subscription.

Partnership with Synology

Partnership with Synology

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Synology earlier this year.

Whilst our primary focus has always been providing affordable, secure cloud based hosting and web-based solutions; the ever growing needs of SME’s has bought about a need for certain in-house applications. Synology has always been our recommended hardware vendor, for affordable and scalable hardware solutions with tonnes of applications; great for both personal use and business use.

Our advice to clients is backed up by recommendation from Synology themselves; meaning we can provide exactly the right hardware for any hybrid applications. That’s why you can now find us on the ‘Where to buy‘ section of Synology’s website.

So if you are interested in hosting services in-house, without all the complication and extra expense – contact us to find out what we could offer you with Synology products.

Free £10 credit for reviews!

Free £10 credit for reviews!

We strive to provide the best service possible, at the best prices possible… but without our loyal customers, the company we are today would not have been possible. That’s why secondly, we would like to invite you to review our company, service or any other part of your experience with us on Google.

Reviews like yours not only help us improve, but also help others such as yourselves recognise 21st Webb for the reputable company we are today. 

Finally, to get £10 free credit on your account*: review us on Facebook as well. We are keen to reach out on as many different platforms as possible, and to show our appreciation for your help with this – we would like to offer all customers £10 free credit on their account for a review on Google and Facebook

To claim your reward, simply e-mail rewards@21stwebb.co.uk with a screenshot of your review on Google, and another screenshot of your review on Facebook

* This reward can only be claimed once per person.

NEW Asset Tracker 1.0

NEW Asset Tracker 1.0

We’ve been working on a range of bespoke web applications during the past 2 years, for a number of different industries.

We have just released one of our pre-built applications, Asset Tracker 1.0. This web-based application has a number of key features, including:

  • Centralize your asset tracking software
  • Keep a detailed log of unlimited assets and their location history
  • View real-time reports of your assets, their condition and whereabouts
  • Easily collaborate with unlimited users on the same platform

This application is available for a one-off purchase via our website. Watch this space for newly released application packages.

NEW Promo Video

Following the recent launch of our YouTube channel – we have put together another short promo video to help explain some of the key features our Web Hosting packages have to offer.

Be sure to check out our video on Facebook and YouTube; and if you haven’t done so already – subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos and how-to guides.