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New website for the Three Feathers

New website for the Three Feathers

We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Three Feathers, Ruthin.

The website focuses around 4 main elements:

  1. The Feathers Pub
  2. The Corporation Arms Pub
  3. Mobile Events Bar
  4. Accommodation

The distinction between these 4 elements remained crucial throughout development, whilst maintaining easy navigation between the different sections. The site also features more interactive features such as a news and updates page, as well as an eye-catching events page, listing all upcoming events in either bar.

The more functional element of this site is found in the Accommodation section, allowing the site to accept bookings and payments for the various rooms available at the Three Feathers Pub.

Be sure to check out the new website, and follow their social media for the latest events right in the heart of Ruthin:

Launch of Totally Music platform

Launch of Totally Music platform

This year has seen many ups and downs, however for many of our clients, the challenges have been met head on.

We have been delighted to help develop the Totally Music platform, working with longstanding clients Denbighshire and Wrexham Music Co-operatives, part of the North Wales Music Co-operative.

What’s more, we have also thoroughly enjoyed putting together the cartoon videos you’ll find adverting the platform.

Totally-music.com is an online resource for pupils in foundation phase, all the way to upper sixth – providing various online music lessons, activities and resources all in one place.

The major challenge facing this project is the quantity of content and sizeable media, the fluid delivery of that content to thousands of pupils across North Wales, and added security requirements on most parts of the site.

This site utilises a secure and scalable video hosting service, powered by Microsoft Cloud, and what’s more, the website is entirely secured using Office 365, working seamlessly with music service tutors, and providing scope for further integration with individual school Office 365 tenants.

Whilst much of this site is restricted for pupils and schools, feel free to take a look at the site’s homepage and marketing videos, or alternatively, a lot of press coverage can be found on the launch of this new platform.





New website for Boyns Information Systems

New website for Boyns Information Systems

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for local Managed Service Provider – Boyns Information Systems. The new website provides a fresh perspective on the well established MSP and the services they have to offer. The new site not only refines existing content, but focused in on their latest venture – Cybersecurity accreditation. Throughout the site, there is a focus on all things cyber, a core part of their business and the services they offer.

The site also features a built-in social media platform – allowing automated posting across multiple social media channels from one centralised dashboard. All posts generated by the site link back to the site – constantly driving traffic to their way.

Be sure to check out their site and consider them for IT Managed Services or Cyber-essentials Accreditation.

Check out their website!

New site for Music Mania

New site for Music Mania

21st Webb are pleased to announce the launch of a revamped site for one of our longstanding clients – the Music Mania Summer School.

We have hosted Music Mania’s website for many years, and have watched both the course, and their site’s requirements grow during that time. The new site is designed to be more dynamic, expanding with the course as they add more groups, members to their team, and galleries for each year gone by.

This site has been designed to be both easy to navigate, but fun and inviting at the same time. The layout is a modern approach on the more traditional side navigation menu. Be sure to check out their new site at the usual address:


21st Webb support Chester Ethical Hackers

21st Webb support Chester Ethical Hackers

21st Webb are thrilled to announce our support for the Chester Ethical Hackers – a University of Chester society.

Always looking for new ways to improve our services, as well as maintain a secure and reliable level of service for all our clients – the Chester Ethical Hackers really plays into one of the biggest issues we are focusing on today… Cybersecurity.

You may have seen our previous announcements about our free 256bit SSL Encryption on all packages for all clients, as well as the availability of 2-factor authentication on all client accounts and application dashboards. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues facing individuals and companies of all sizes today. While we are constantly working to ensure the security of our services is at its best; we are also supporting a brand new society at the University of Chester, one which aims to increase the awareness of cyber threats to any and all students at the university, but also develop their cyber skill-set both individually and as a group to help tackle some of the issues we all face today.

The society is a not-for-profit group, under the (charity) Chester Students Union, and is always looking for support from industry, with anything from equipment, materials or monetary support towards events and conferences throughout the year. Be sure to check out this up and coming society, and offer your support today!

CEH Website

Wrexham Music Co-operative

Wrexham Music Co-operative

21st Webb are thrilled to be working with the new music service in Wrexham County. Wrexham Music Co-operative are a brand new service launched this year, providing a new vision for music provision in and around the Wrexham area.

Their website is one of the first websites to be published on our new platform and features a fully mobile compatible design, extended through to the back-end for management on the go. The site also features a built-in countdown timer, counting down to the start of new provision commencing this September. Future releases of the site will include Office 365 integration, and secure collaborative space for tutors to communicate and share resources.

Check out their site!