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Empowering Music Services

Looking for help administering your music service?

We believe in the value of Music Tuition. That’s why we have developed the tools to empower music services administer their service, without breaking the budget.

Opus is designed to help Music Services in multiple areas of operation with its core features:

Customer Management

Direct Ordering


Report Generation

In-built Support

Even more fatures…

Deliver Different Services

With Opus, you can enable your Parents and Schools to book services directly. Opus can incorporate various service types, such as Music Lesson Booking, Ensemble Membership Booking, Additional (or One Off) Services with different attributes. The whole booking process remains transparent for the customer, allowing them to keep track of the status of their booking at any time. 

Parents & Schools

Opus is a Customer Management System (CMS) designed specifically for music services. With Opus, you can provide a platform for Parents and Schools to access services via their individual user accounts, tailored specifically for Parent or School customer relations.


Create & Send Invoices

One of the core features of Opus is its invoicing platform. Using Opus, you can create and send professional, customisable invoices to Parents and Schools. The platform allows you to invoice Parents or Schools for multiple orders at once, while keeping track of how many times each order has been invoiced for throughout the year. Your customers can also keep track of all invoices received and see any outstanding amounts at any point via their account. 

Generate Reports

Opus comes with a variety of in-built reporting features, allowing you to see the status of your business at the click of a button. Using Opus, you can keep an eye on outstanding invoices, numbers in ensembles, number of subscriptions for any instrument at any one time plus more. 

Extensive Knowledgebase

Setup of any new system can be a daunting task for both you and your clients; however, Opus comes with an extensive knowledgebase full of easy-to-follow articles on how to use the system; written by the developer. A ‘Help’ link is always on hand throughout the system to aid your Parents or Schools and reduce the number of support queries being directed to your office. What’s more, there is exclusive help articles available for Music Services on how to use the system, change settings, etc. 


Organise Company Data

Opus is designed to encompass the core departments of any music service. The platform provides one central database for all your customers, parents, schools and pupils; while reducing paperwork in the office through its in-built ordering and invoicing features.

Opus is already helping deliver music tuition to:




Want to find out more?

Would you like to find out more about Opus system, how it works, how it can be utilised and more importantly – how it can help you deliver your service to Pupils, Parents and Schools? Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.